The Best Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way

Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way

In our daily life, in addition to striving for enjoyable physical activity, we must also take into account the way food is cooked. Among the options that we have, the steam cooker is one of the most favored for the consumption of food since it is possible to prepare with less amount of fat, and that is why we present the steamer.

Thanks to this technique, food is cooked with steam without being in direct contact with it. It is thus helping to maintain the vitamins in the diet. Let’s see how to do it!

The Best Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way
The Best Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way

What Is A Steamer

A steamer is a machine that helps us make food more healthily. It has an electrical cooking time programming system, so adjusting it according to the instructions in the manual is very simple. It is perfect for cooking any food: vegetables, meat, fish, rice, but we must bear in mind that the cooking time may vary depending on the dish.

How To Use The Steamer – Why Should You Use It?

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways of preparing food, because it preserves flavor and texture, ensuring that it hardly loses its nutrients. It is necessary to add boiling water to cook with a steamer. And later place the food on a sheet or on a plate where it fits inside the steamer. It is effortless. We have to put the food inside and cover it with the lid. It is essential to check from time to time to make sure that the water we have poured is not consumed. The cooking time can vary depending on the food and the recipe that is prepared.

The Best Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way
The Best Steamer For Steaming Foods In The Healthiest Way

Advantages Of The Steamer

The cooking steam is dietary because it reduces fats from the food. It is one of the healthiest ways of preparing food since vitamins and minerals are preserved as cooking is done at low temperatures. For all those people who want to lose a few extra kilograms, it is one of the recommendations given by specialists, try it! This way of cooking food has an intense perfume, as the smells of the spices that we use are impregnated. We can steam many foods in the steamer such as all vegetables, fish, chicken, any white meat, pasta. Besides, it is an excellent method to heat food without burning it.


  • In addition to the filter that can be placed on top of the pot, different specialized steamers can be used for this type of cooking. It is advisable to put the slowest cooking foods in the interior areas and the softest foods as high as possible.
  • For the perfect result, the amount of liquid we use is essential. The water or broth should cover the food, enough so that it does not evaporate entirely before the food is cooked. A good recommendation is to cover the pot to contain the steam dispersion.
  • To flavor food, we can flavor the water by adding spices or aromatic herbs.
  • It is advisable that after cooking passes the foods through cold water to slow down their cooking.
  • The cooking times may vary depending on the food. Vegetables usually cook in about 15 minutes.
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