Refreshing Spaghetti Recipe For Your Family

Two Very Interesting Spaghetti Recipes For Your Family

In spaghetti recipe, there is no denying in the fact that spaghetti has been everybody’s favorite food. The dish can had for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. However, having the same dish over again can make things boring.

Two Very Interesting Spaghetti Recipes For Your Family
Two Very Interesting Spaghetti Recipes For Your Family

Spaghetti Italian Sausage Recipe

To prepare the sausage spaghetti you need some Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce, a can of tomato paste, and green pepper that has sliced thinly. You will also need some onions that have thinly sliced.

For seasoning, you need some parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, and water. Take a skillet. If you do not own one, then now is a good time to purchase. On the skillet, put some sausage links and cover it in water.

Allow it to cook for 15 minutes. You can now drain the water. The remaining ingredients can placed on the crockpot. A crockpot is similar to a cooking pot. It enables in retaining heat faster. Cook the sausage for few hours on low heat.

Then you can cook the sausage for 1 hour using medium heat. The sausages can cut and then sliced into the pieces of your choice. They can served as topping on the spaghetti. You can sprinkle some more parmesan cheese if you want.

Two Very Interesting Spaghetti Recipes For Your Family

Irish Italian Spaghetti Recipe

To prepare the Irish spaghetti recipe, you need to make use of an onion that has chopped, vegetable oil, and ground beef. For seasoning, you need pepper, red pepper, chili powder, salt, and tabasco sauce.

Apart from that you also need a can cream of mushroom soup, package spaghetti, grated parmesan cheese, and a can of condensed tomato soup. To cook, you need to use a skillet. Place the onions on them and fry them for few minutes using olive oil.

The meat and seasonings can added to the onions on the skillet. Cover and cook for few minutes until everything it done. The soup can now be added and cooked for one hour on medium flame.

You can cook the spaghetti with water and some salt. The directions would have given on the package. For the garnish you can use some parmesan cheese and sauce.

Two Very Interesting Spaghetti Recipes For Your Family

Cooking Spaghetti In Microwave

Cooking spaghetti using your microwave can be an interesting experience. You need to clean the squash using some water. The squash has to dry using a cloth and pierce each of the pieces using a fork.

When you have pierced the pieces using a fork, you can keep the pieces of the spaghetti squash in the microwave. Now you set the temperature depending on the quantity you have pierced. You have to cook them for few minutes.

You can find that out by taking a bite into them. Once you do that, you can feel the softness for biting. If it is not soft, then you know that the squash has not cooked properly and needs more minutes.

Using the microwave to cook is a good option because you are not making use of oil or butter. Just setting the temperature and waiting for the spaghetti to cook at the right temperature. That should work fine.

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