Pasta Dishes You’ll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight

Pasta Dishes You'll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight

Pasta dishes listed below are such that one will want to make it every night. Pasta dishes taste authentic. It is originally from Italy and is loved by all. Children, adults, and oldies all love to eat pasta. In Italy, it is the staple ingredient for many dishes. Pasta is made using durum wheat flour. There are two types of pasta , dried and fresh pasta. People use Pasta in soups, starters, salads, and main courses too. The whole grain pasta has less fat and calories. So, all those diet conscious people can have a bowl of whole wheat pasta without worrying about weight gain.

Pasta Dishes You'll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight
Pasta Dishes You’ll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight

Easy Pasta Dishes For Dinner

Turkey Pasta

Made using whole wheat pasta, minced turkey, garlic powder, salt onion, and olive oil. When one mixes all the ingredients with the Italian seasoning, it tastes incredible. You can use tomatoes and mozzarella cheese to enhance the taste of the dish.

Gnocchi And Sweet Potatoes With Hazelnuts

This is a perfect dinner dish. Only fewer ingredients are used in this recipe, but the taste is mouthwatering — ingredients like sage, garlic, butter, hazelnuts, and herbs, etc. are used to make this dish. Moreover, everything mixed tastes incredible.

Whole Wheat Penne With Marinated Feta And Arugula

The yogurt adds the extra flavor to the dish and makes it creamy. Ingredients like lemon zest, Aleppo pepper, peppery arugula, whole-wheat pasta, and yogurt sauce make the recipe mouthwatering.

Spring Vegetables Pasta With Pistachios

Pasta Dishes You'll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight
Pasta Dishes You’ll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight

made using a variety of veggies like asparagus, zucchini, peas, potatoes, basil leaves. It also helps to satisfy the want for carbs. Just garnish with pistachios, lemon zest, and parmesan cheese.

Mac And Cheese

This dish is everyone’s favorite. It is super creamy, full of Cheese and Mac. Cheese, macaroni, and milk are its main ingredients.

Pasta With Chicken Sausage Corn Leeks and Mushroom-

The Italian chicken, adds a ton of flavors. Go for Gemelli pasta that helps to incorporate the maximum sauce. This recipe is of corn, leeks, sausage, peas, and chicken. To fill the tummy correctly, this is one of the best dishes for dinner.

Wild Mushroom And Spinach Stuffed Shell

It is a baked pasta dish. Cheese, spinach, and mushroom are its main ingredients. It is satisfying and creamy too. With marinara sauce, the dish tastes authentic. The pasta shells are huge and full of Cheese.

Spaghetti With Kale And Ricotta

This pasta dish has kale, parmesan, lemon zest, chili flakes with creamy ricotta and pine nuts. All these ingredients together make a super tasty dinner that is filling and mouthwatering.

Roasted Eggplant And Olive Pasta Salad-

everyone loves to eat a pasta salad. But, when the pasta salad has a soft roasted eggplant with chewy pasta, tomatoes, and feta cheese with olive oil, it tastes yum. It becomes one of the best combinations to have. This salad is straightforward to make and is full of nutrition.


Pasta can be served in various combinations and various ways. Who doesn’t like to have pasta? Everyone does. It tastes yummy. With ingredients like Cheese, chicken, ham, veggies, and herbs, you can make it as nutritional as possible.

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