Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn’t Stick

Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn't Stick

Can’t you cook a single thing? Then you can try to make pasta at least. It is one of the very few items that you can make without any fuss. However, they can stick easily. But if you follow the pasta cooking tips, you can make them with perfection.

So, in this article, I am going to share the tips for pasta cooking for everyone, especially for the ones who are afraid of entering the kitchen!

Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn't Stick
Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn’t Stick

Pasta Cooking Tips – Add Pasta In Boiling Water

The first thing you should remember is to add the pasta to the boiling water. If you add them to the cold water, they will become sticky and clumpy, and the chances are that they will sit at the bottom of the pot. But as you tip in the pasta in the boiling water, it helps in reducing the water temperature. If you can’t wait till the water starts to boil, make sure it is warm when you are adding the pasta. 

Stir The Pasta Frequently

As you drop the pasta to the water, the top of the pot will have a layer of starch. Do not forget to stir them continuously at that time to keep them apart from each other. If you do not stir at that time, they will stick to one another and will cook in that way. You cannot separate them later.  

Pasta Cooking Tips – Refrain From Adding Oil

Are you planning to east the pasta with sauce? Then it is better to avoid pouring the oil in the boiling water. Though oil helps in keeping the pasta apart, they become very slippery. Thus, when you add sauce to them, the sauce will slide without coating the pasta. However, if you will have them with butter or olive oil, then you can tip oil to the boiling pasta without any tension. 

Do Not Wash The Cooked Pasta

When will you eat pasta? Immediately as you cook them or later? If you gobble them right away, then remove the excess water and cook them with your desired sauce. Do not run the cold water as the starch in them help to bind them with the sauce. But if you are planning to make cold pasta salad or have them later, then it is better to put the cooked pasta under the cold water. It is an excellent way to take out the starch that makes the pasta clumpy. 

Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn't Stick
Pasta Cooking Tips So That It Doesn’t Stick

Pasta Cooking Tips – Some Points To Note

  • Are you using stuffed pasta such as ravioli? Then keep in mind that they will come to the top of the pot and flat when they are all set. 
  • Choose the shape of pasta according to the sauce you will use. If you use a sauce based on olive oil or tomatoes, it is wise to choose long pasta or spaghetti. However, the tube-shaped pasta goes very well with the meat or vegetable-based sauces. 
  • Make the sauce as you want in the pan and add the cooked pasta to it. It helps in preparing the pasta well in the sauce. Do not add the sauce to it. 
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