Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do

Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do

If you are making pasta for the first time, it might seem easier for you. You might think pasta + water will make dinner. But, the simplest thing can become tricky if you are not aware of cooking perfect pasta. When to add salt and how much, how long you should boil the pasta when to drain the water – you have to pay attention to many things if you want your perfect pasta.

Follow the steps below, and you can make the pasta like no others.

Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do
Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do

Cooking Perfect Pasta – Take A Big Pot

For boiling the pasta, you need to use a large pot, particularly the 8-quart or 12-quart stockpot. Thus, the pasta will get sufficient area to move around.

Pour Plenty Of Water

If you are about to add 16 ounces of pasta, then you must pour 6-quart water so that they can boil well. Put a lid on the pot after adding the water so that it starts to cook faster.

Add Salt To the Water

Salt is necessary for pasta, and a single tap is not enough. You need to add a tablespoon or sometimes two tablespoons of salt to the boiling water. Salt enhances the flavor of the pasta.

Vigorous Boiling Is The Key To Cooking Perfect Pasta

Do not let the water simmer. You need to boil the pasta vigorously. So after stirring 1-2 times, you can put the lid. But take it off when the boiling water starts to hit the lid.

Stirring Is Essential

Do not let the pasta clump. They should move freely in the water. So, do not get busy with other things while the pasta is cooking on the stove. It is vital to stir 2-3 times while they are boiling.

Check The Time

You should cook the pasta for the time, as mentioned in the package. But, if the time range is not there, then take out one pasta strand and feel the softness. If you think it is done, then switch off the flame. Overdoing them will spoil the taste and appearance of the dish. If you stay at the mountains or high altitude areas, the boiling takes a little more time than that of the plains.

Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do
Cooking Perfect Pasta: How To Do

Keep Some Of The Pasta Water

Before draining the water, take out a scoop of water and keep it aside. It helps in binding the pasta with the sauces. You can also use the saved pasta water to make the sauce thin if it becomes too thick.

Combine With Sauce For Cooking Perfect pasta

Now, you get rid of the excess water and transfer the pasta back in the pot. Add any sauce of your choice and coat them thoroughly. Serve hot. Garnish with some shredded cheese and fresh olives to make the pasta yummier.

Tips For Cooking Perfect Pasta

The time of cooking the pasta varies depending on the shape of the pasta and its ingredient, as well as the amount. If you use whole wheat pasta, it will take more time to boil than the regular pasta.

If you are using fresh pasta, it will take only 2-3 minutes. Dry pasta takes more time. So, be very careful while cooking fresh pasta.

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