Calories In Plain Pasta? Not Good For Your Body

Calories in Plain Pasta? Not Good For Your Body

Did you know that the calories in plain pasta is so low that it is considered to be “good” for you? The fact is that there are no calories in plain pasta, at least not according to mainstream health experts. They’re just misguided.

The key to understanding the truth about pasta calories is to understand what it means to be called “good”bad” for your body. Most nutritionists and medical experts agree that a calorie is a calorie. That means a caloric difference is a calorie difference.

What Are the Calories in Plain Pasta

Pasta calories are low because the carbs that are used to make the pasta are not very high in calories. Instead of being counted as “calories,” they are simply “starches.” These “starches” are just as good for your body as a salad is and far better for your health.

So, are there any pasta calories? No. In fact, if you eat a serving of pasta once a day for the rest of your life, you would not accumulate enough calories to get your daily recommended allowance. It really doesn’t matter whether the pasta is plain or topped with cheese or meat or even with garlic or herbs.

An important distinction must be made between the carbohydrates found in pasta and those found in fruits and vegetables. While the latter are beneficial for your overall well-being, the former can be converted into body fat. There is no way to burn off this excess fat.

Reduce The Amount Of Calories in Plain Pasta

If you are wondering how healthy the mere thought of all that “pasta calories” can be, consider the numbers. In an average meal, an average-sized adult male consumes somewhere around 3000 calories. Now, add up the calories in the number of servings of pasta that you will eat throughout the course of the day and you will discover that your daily required intake will have doubled.

Why the difference between these two numbers? Because pasta calories are low, which means they are actually quite healthy. And because pasta calories are low, they also remain stable over time, which means you can count on them to remain constant.

If you compare the amount of pasta calories in one serving of pasta to the same amount of pasta in the form of a salad, you will see that the former is far more healthy. When you reduce the amount of calories in plain pasta, you increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in the overall meal.

Know The Amount Of Pasta Calories
Know The Amount Of Pasta Calories

Parmesan Cheese Is Rich In Protein And Other Nutrients

In fact, tomatoes are a great source of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. Parmesan cheese is rich in protein and other nutrients. And when you combine them with the carbohydrates found in pasta, you get a truly healthy meal.

What about all those people who are told that pasta calories are bad for them? Well, if you are currently eating a diet that consists mainly of pasta, you can forget about getting fat or cholesterol. Since you are currently consuming pasta regularly, you can be sure that there is nothing harmful about pasta calories.

The problem is that a lot of people think that all calories are bad. The reality is that if you eat enough of anything, the amount of calories in that food is not harmful. This is also true of pasta calories.

Bottom Line

If you aren’t eating enough pasta, but you’re eating a high-carbohydrate diet and believe that pasta calories are bad, you should cut back on the pasta. You will soon find that you are much healthier and have a good looking body because of it.

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