5 Outrageous Food Safety Scandals From China – Number 3 Is A Shame

Exploding Watermelons

In 2011, a significant food safety scandal appeared in China. Agricultural workers of China injected forchlorfenuron, a growth hormone in Watermelons. It made the skin of watermelon thin, and when you would cut it, it would ‘pop.’ Despite having such significant issues, China is still present among the top Watermelon exporters in the world. Other farmers raise issues that some farmers inject cheap growth hormones in Watermelons to save money.

Powdered Ginger With Lead

Just after two years of the exploding watermelon incident, a new food safety scandal appeared. In 2013, Trader Joe’s unknowingly made powdered ginger contaminated with lead sold it in the market. And the central fact was that the brand under which this contaminated powdered ginger was selling was labeled organic. When the WHO (World Health Organization) investigated, they found that lead contamination can harm the nervous system, blood pressure, and kidneys.

A plate of food with rice

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